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Alternator Questions / What affect if the nut to B+ is left off??
« on: July 20, 2013, 09:16:41 AM »
I never ever make a bone headed mistake as this. 99% good rate with alternators but..I think this was just one of those mistakes made.

I think I left the B+ nut off. The ring terminal is installed over the B+ post. I did a load test on the alternator by turning on all electrical accessories and it was close to the 14 volt range. The alternator died about 100 km after it was installed. I have not gone to see the vehicle yet, as the customer was close to home, and put my jump box into the cig lighter to get them home.

So, giving the install a thought, I think I left off the nut. What affect would this have on a Nissan minivan alternator? What affect would a lose, but touching b+ ring connector on the B+ terminal stud, and overall the alternator?

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