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I've been working at this project for a year now and all i've been able to accomplish so far is getting the 2nd alternator mounted because I wasn't able to find a dual alt bracket for my 351 in my bronco. I'm completely clueless on how to wire the alternators to work together without an aftermarket product to alter the function of the ECM. I purchased a dual alternator module from Missing Link Audio for $230 that hasn't been able to function properly. The master alternator funtions fine and charges at 14.8v but once I introduce the slave alternator using their module my voltage and engine idle gets irratic, which i think the master and slave alternator are competing against each other. Does anyone know of a way to wire a pair of 3G alternators on a ford bronco to where they won't be competing with each other and charge together? I have a stereo system that requires alot of power to operate and I'd hate to burn up an amplifier. Thanks for any and all help. There is an attached pdf file showing how the module is wired to the alternators but my slave alternator doesn't function properly wired that way.

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