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Alternator Questions / CS-130/CS-130D dual installation
« on: March 20, 2014, 09:37:17 AM »
Need a little guidance.  I am installing a CS-130 and CS-130D (Powermaster 7802 and 48206) into a vehicle with an LS-1 chevy engine.  This is not a typical install as the electronics that it will drive are very expensive ($10k).
The 2 alternators will be run in an either or situation where one is a backup. My challenge: understanding how to sense and disable an out of control alternator.  I recognize the likelihood is very small that an alternator regulator would get into a run-away situation and provide output > 16V.  But that is the concern. 
Sensing it is not the problem.  That I have in place.  But what do I do with the P-L-F/I-S pins of the alternator.  I have run this by Powermaster and of course they were of little help as they only know how to connect wires in common platforms (“What model Chevy car”). 

Thought:  What happens if when I sense an out of control alternator if I ground one of the P-L-F/I-S pins?  Will this disable the output on the battery terminal? 

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