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Alternator Questions / 2001 Silverado 1500 v6
« on: February 21, 2015, 03:33:57 PM »
Alternator # 10480326

I'll give a brief run down of my situation.

1.Normal voltage output of alternator was 14v "engine running tested at the battery"

2.Alternator died #10480388 (low voltage output 10v).

3. I replaced it with one from the junk yard #10480326, voltage now read 15v. "engine running tested at the battery"

3. Everything was fine for a month.

4. We started getting really cold weather -0, and battery died a few times each time the "engine running tested at the battery" voltage increased a little more. ( I just figured it was because the battery was going)

5. I bought and installed a new battery. Now the "engine running tested at the battery" voltage is 18v+

6. If I unplug the two wire connector from the alternator, the "engine running tested at the battery" voltage is 13.5v and it climbs .01 every couple of seconds.

My question is...
Do you think the voltage regulator is just simply shot in the alternator?
Or is the voltage regulated by my trucks computer and that is messed up? I read somewhere the computer can get messed up and tell the alternator to keep charging like that.

I would uninstall the alternator and have it tested but its freezing out and there's no big rush.
Figured I ask a few questions here before I proceed.
Thanks for your help.

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