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Author Topic: How to Convert a Dodge Chrysler Vehicle From ECM to External Regulator  (Read 5158 times)


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[h=1]How to Convert a Dodge Chrysler Vehicle From ECM to External Regulator[/h]
My engine management computer on  my Dodge/Chrysler vehicle is no longer making my alternator work, Is there a way to wire or connect an external voltage regulator to my Dodge or Chrysler vehicle?

Yes you can use an early (late 70's early 80's) Dodge/Chrysler electronic external voltage regulator like our part number c8313. To make it work you just need an ignition wire run to both the voltage regulator "I" connection and to one of field connections (brushes) on the alternator. The "field" connection on the voltage regulator is run to the other brush (field) connection.

This is an "A" circuit type voltage regulator which means full power is sent to one brush while the voltage regulator controls the output by varying the ground to the other brush.
It does not matter which wire you run to the regulator field connection and which one you ground, you can swap them around. The external regulator will make your alternator work.

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