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Author Topic: Battery Wire Size Chart  (Read 4612 times)


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Battery Wire Size Chart
« on: November 23, 2009, 04:57:32 PM »
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[h=1]Battery Wire Size per Voltage, Amperage Load and Length [/h]

Chart below shows Minimum cable size to use (AWG wire)
Fine Stranded Stereo wire makes great battery cable giving the best gage wire for proper battery charge. The fine stranded wire will pass more amperage than course stranded wire that has a lower "strand count". When building your battery wiring harness be sure to use top quality battery terminals. Following your diagram wiring for the battery alternator relationship. Your alternator works with your battery so the alternator wiring to the battery is very important to maintain top alternator amp wire load, this is important with 12v battery setups as well as 24v battery systems. All systems are a failure without proper grounding through the ground wire, Proper grounding of your vehicle is important to all electrical equipment in the vehicle.

Amperage< 5 Ft5-10 Ft10-15 Ft15-20 Ft20-25 Ft25-30 Ft
12 Volt0-608 AWG4 AWG2 AWG2 AWG1 AWG2/0 AWG
12 Volt60-1006 AWG4 AWG1 AWG0 AWG0 AWG2/0 AWG
12 Volt100-1504 AWG2 AWG0 AWG2/0 AWG2/0 AWG3/0 AWG
12 Volt150-1904 AWG1 AWG2/0 AWG3/0 AWG4/0 AWG4/0 AWG
12 Volt190-2502 AWG0 AWG2/0 AWG4/0 AWG4/0 AWG4/0 AWG
12 Volt250-3000 AWG2/0 AWG3/0 AWG4/0 AWG4/0 AWG4/0 AWG
24 Volt0-30 14 AWG14 AWG10 AWG8 AWG8 AWG6 AWG
24 Volt30-5012 AWG10 AWG8 AWG6 AWG6 AWG4 AWG
24 Volt50-7510 AWG8 AWG6 AWG4 AWG4 AWG2 AWG
24 Volt75-1006 AWG6 AWG4 AWG4 AWG2 AWG1 AWG
24 Volt100-1254 AWG4 AWG4 AWG2 AWG2 AWG1 AWG
24 Volt125-1502 AWG2 AWG1 AWG1 AWG0 AWG0 AWG
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Battery Wire Size Chart
« on: November 23, 2009, 04:57:32 PM »