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Author Topic: How Do I Wire a GM (Delco-Remy) Alternator to Make It Workwith a positve ground?  (Read 3518 times)


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Hi, I found your post titled "How Do I Wire a GM (Delco-Remy) Alternator to Make It Work?". Can you update it to include positive ground systems?

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Sure, I will go ahead and make a new article about it and notify you. In the mean time I can give you a quick rundown of how to get your positive ground alternator working.

You attache the battery negative to the battery post on the alternator, and positive power to the frame. Then you need a switched positive to the #1 terminal on the alternator. Basically, the only difference between positive and negative ground alternators is the bridge rectifier, a jumper wire, and some screw insulators. They both have the same voltage regulator. I know that some positive ground vehicles still provide switched positive power at the ignition, but others have a negative ignition. If you have a negative-biased ignition switch, you will have to use a relay to switch on your alternator.