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Author Topic: 1996 GMC Yukon CS144 Installation Caveats  (Read 8613 times)


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1996 GMC Yukon CS144 Installation Caveats
« on: August 11, 2010, 02:02:50 PM »
I got an email from Don P regarding some potential issues with installing the Heavy Duty 140 Amp CS144 series alternator on 1996 style GMC Yukon vehicles. Here it is with some pictures.

Thank you for your great product and your technical assistance over the phone. I successfully converted my 1996 Yukon SLT with the OEM 100 amp CS130D on the 5.7 motor, to your 140 amp CS144 with the heavy duty rectifier a couple of weeks ago. It works great! After I installed it my engine idle smoothed out and it even improved the off-the-line power. The transmission was previously starting to slip slightly on high speed up shifts, but that also went away after I installed your alternator! I guess the old 100 amp was just not putting out enough power for my vehicle. I did also install the supplemental ground wire you suggested from one of the rear CS144 casing mounting bolt holes to the negative battery cable.

I ran into a couple of installation issues that I would like to pass on to you so you can post it on your installation help page. I included some pictures for help, use the ones you like.

The issues were:

  • The original heater hose return hard pipe needs to be changed. It interferes with the CS 144 case. GM made a separate hose assembly for the CS144 alternator option. I purchased it from a GM dealer. I included photos of the original and the replacement hose assembly.
  • The original serpentine belt does not fit with the CS 144. It is too small. GM made a separate belt for the CS144 alternator option. I purchased the correct belt also from the dealer.
  • This is a suggestion: I installed 3/8" Black corrugated wire harness protector on your W1206 wire harness adaptor to protect the wires from the sharp edges of the cast aluminum alternator mount. I noticed the potential problem when I routed the wiring harness during installation. It would be nice to have that pre-installed on the W1206 for people that might not see the issue when they are installing their new alternator.

**Another small suggestion**  I found it a little difficult to locate your installation help page. It is VERY good and a GREAT thing to have on your website. Highlight it throughout your website, making it VERY easy to find. Be PROUD of it, you should be. It will bring more happy customers to your website as well because the search engines will highlight you more it as well!

Thank you again for all your help! I will definitely recommend you to everyone who needs your products!


Don Paquette

West Linn, Oregon

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1996 GMC Yukon CS144 Installation Caveats
« on: August 11, 2010, 02:02:50 PM »